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Your privacy is important to K&Jing Technology, Inc.. This statement discloses the information practices for http://www.kjti.com, including what type of information is gathered and tracked, how the information is used, and with whom the information is shared.We have implemented these practices for www.kjti.com. We have instructed our webmaster to include information on these privacy practices wherever personal information is collected on the website.

Business relationships

In general, you can visit www.kjti.com without telling us who you are and without revealing any information about yourself. There are times, however, when our partners or we may need information from you. We are committed to using your information to help us provide you with better services and help you better join our K&Jing Technology, Inc. community. You may choose to give us personal information, such as your name and address or e-mail address, identity number, full date of birth, sex, contact information, education, job title, major, interests, the nature of your enterprise and its focus to help us help you. In order to provide you with specific customers services, we intend to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the quality and integrity of the personally identifiable information of the customers who have specific needs. We are committed to using your information to help us optimize K&Jing Technology, Inc.'s products, services, market strategies or management. We may use this information as a basis for further contact with you.

Personal information

In general, you can register on www.kjti.com without telling us the real business relationship between you and K&Jing Technology, Inc. Our intent is to set several possible business relationships and to analyze visitors, and perfect the contents and functions of www.kjti.com. Your application of your accurate information can help us to provide you with better services. We may let our partners know the types of business relationships on www.kjti.com and their ratios. But we will not disclose your personal information to them.

Questions regarding

If you have any questions or comments about K&Jing Technology, Inc.'s privacy practices, you can contact us at webmaster@kjti.com

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